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"...every long lost dream led me to where you are. others that broke my heart, they were like northern stars guiding me on my way, into your loving arms... this much i know is true. that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you..."

Monday, June 27, 2005
Gather round, young'uns..

Yep, well, to be honest...I hardly ever go here anymore. Much less..BLOG here. But that's okay. I'm still going to keep this place alive. I'm working on another Clois layout...this one's just temporary. But the theme will remain black and white.

Well, I start the eleventh grade next week. Am I excited? Duh. NO. But oh well. I have no choice,he he!

You know, some friends are really annoying me right now. I'm not going to go into detail what they've done,but ugh...It disgusts me.

Weeeeeeeeell. Yeah. See. I have nothing to say HA HA HA. I blog almost daily at my xanga though, so if you wanna check that out, you're free to.

Man, I'm bored.

And NO, i STILL haven't seen Star Wars Episode III. But guess what. We're seeing it this Friday.

Oh yeaaah, YOU WISH YOU WERE ME. hahhahahaaa,jkkkk...

Love you,people! Gimme hugs!

I leave you with a fanart made ages ago.


ps: you can tell i'm REALLY obsessing over smallville. HA HA. i'm geek and proud of it,ya'll. everyone must obsess over something,amen?

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Star wars episdoe 2 is out in theaters and i can't go freakin' see it yet. GRR. *is mad*

and hahaha, abby, the thing i "saw" was uh :looks around nervously: *COUGH*anakinabouttokillcountdooku* COUGHCOUGH* and yea i freaked out. i wasn't supposed to see that. hmm i wonder if he DOES kill him...NO DO NOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION! by jove, i've remained spoiler-free for FOUR YEARS, and i can wait a whole nother month to find out....RIGHT?!?!??!! NO!!! I CAN'T! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

*cough* Well lookie here, i haven't blogged in a while. I've been so busy with my xanga,haha.

Smallville's Season finale was the best EVER. i'm going to make a lois and clark layout for this when i have time...cuz i'm in LOVE with that pairing..

Hmm..Carrie and Bo left in american idol...just the way i like it =) although i loved vonzell to pieces..she went out with a BANG! Go her,lol...

Okay well, ta-ta children! I'll blog in another two months.

HAHA JK. i dunno.....

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Okay, i just saw something that i wasn't SUPPOSED to see,related to Star Wars Episode 3. I went crazy. I think i'm gonna pop. I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE OR I WILL GO INSANE. INSANE,I TELL YOU,INSANE!!!! .....

:cough: Yes,well, are you?

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Congratulate me now,ppl,cuz i am officially finished with the tenth grade. Yep, i finally finished geometry. MIRACLE!

Praise the Lord,lol!!


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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Haha,weird entry title,i know....Hmm..I just wanted to put down somewhere that last night's American Idol was expected. I'm just happy that my favorite people weren't cut out. but they WILL be cut out,i know,eventually. LOL,no offense to those who thought that Celena and the rest should've stayed another round =/

SMALLVILLE IS LIKE,THE BEST SHOW....EVER! Last night's episode had Lois again,woohoo! I'm seriosu,she's the ONLY reaosn why i watch this season of Smallville. When she appear son the scene,everything turns into a 'funny' mood. And i noticed Clark smiles a whole lot more when she's around,even though the majority of those smiles were meant to be sarcastic. Haha,i love how they hate each other but will eventually fall in love. :evil grin: And Lana..omw...she's annoying me big-time. Everytime i see her face it's like, "URGH,go away!" All she does is rant about secrets and lies 24/7 and bleeeeeeeeeeh,i feel sorry for her but com eon,MOVING ON,PLZ...

Okeeeee,i am lonely. I am alone. I am chatting with Leslie. ^_^ haha..

Luv yall.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
New Layout..

Holy WOW. I haven't really blogged here for a while now,have i? LOL,oh dear,i'm sorry. I've been spending more time in xanga and myspace than i do here =(

Well,nothing much currently going on. I put a new layout up,named The Brides of Dracula. It was inspired by the Van Helsing versions of Dracula's wives: Marishka,Verona,and Aleera. I know that they were a lil freaky,scary,and especially evil,but you've got to admit that there was a little something that drew you to them. I loved their costumes,their make-up,their personalities. The Brides were so expertly portrayed that their appearances brought you under their spell and aroused your curiosity. Although they had MAJOR mood swings, and though they were made out of PURE evil,they're still on my list of favorite movie characters (or villains). I wanted to wait until i got Photoshop before i made this layout,but i was so completely bored and impatient i just went on with it. Looks terrible,huh? Haha! I'll probly redo it in the far-off future..

Right now,i am seriously obsessing over American Idol Season 2, Smallville Season 4,and  House M.D. Season 1. And what i love about it is that my favorite shows come in good order. American Idol at eight,followed by House at nine on Tuesdays. Then on Wednesdays,I get to see Smallville at eight,followed by American Idol again at nine. *sigh* Life is good. ^_^ Haha.

I am also obsessing over Handel's Messiah. I keep playing the soundtrack over and ooover...I love singing along to the different songs. Especially the "Unto Us a Child Is Born" one,and the "He Shall Purify." Man,i wanna go join a choir who performs the Messiah during Christmas so i could sing along with them!! I love these songs,haha.

I am also currently writing a fic called Consequences. It's supposed to be a short story,but you know me. I end up turning it into half a novel haha =p. I hope i don't overdo it..Basically,it's about this boy and girl who are both eighteen years old. They both have very good,clean reputations,and everyone trusts them,etc. But they eventually give into temptation and the deed that only married couples are supposed to do :COUGHCOUGH: amidst strong protests from their consciences. They throw aside their morals and good reputations by giving into one fleeting moment of pleasure,and...everything rolls way downhill from there. So there,that's the summary. I'll maybe post it here when it's finished.

OOOh yeah i saw a trailer for The Ring 2 and WOO! Was it scary? Way BEYOND. I think this is going to be even more frightening than its predecessor. But we won't know until we see,right? We were supposed to watch that EVP movie,White Noise,on valentine's day..then we put it off to yesterday..and then i put it off to Saturday. So i think we're going to see it Saturday evening. Gahhh,i'm scared. I really wanna see the movie,but the reviews i've read say it'll give kids nightmares. And uh..I'm still a kid. =p No really,lol. Oh well,i just have to keep remindin gmyself that what i'm seeing onscreen isn't real!!!

To get great movie reviews from a Christian perspective,i strongly recommend []. They're really good and seemingly accurate,and i always go there before watching a new movie.

OKay uhmmm..I made this blog as long as i could. I hope ur satisfied =p Take care and may God watch over you! Haha,alrighty now,byebye.


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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
well,THIS is random!

Where am i? What room is this? What house was this? Whose clothes am i wearing? Pink satin with white lace...My...favorite? I didn't remember. Must...get up...Look out that hole in the wall...the hole..shaped like a box. With...with pieces of cloth framing its sides. What was it called? Never mind what it was called,just look out! Green grass outside,with a big oak planted in front. Other houses across the street. And..and something moving in front of her house. Something black and shiny. Little people getting out..Who were they? They looked like miniature Christians with their own bags of burdens slung over their backs..One of them...crying. Turn around,don't look. They might see.

GASP! What was that? Who was that woman standing in front of her? Take a look,coward. She wears the same clothing as I wear. Pink satin and white lace. She's tall,lean,and her hair is partly white. She's beautiful. MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ME! Destroy her! How dare she walk into my room without knocking! What did she want? What did she care? She keeps staring,staring. I hate staring...STOP STARING AT ME! STOP IT! Must get rid of her! Must destroy her! Raise your fist,hit her mocking face!...Yes! She shatters!..

But..pain..something warm..trickling down my hand...Something red..The woman is still staring..but with the same red stuff gushing over her hands too.


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Saturday, January 29, 2005

There were days when she wasn't like this. And then there were the days when she was. Today was one of those days wherein she this. Times when she felt like some worthless being who just 'lived' because it wasn't her time to die just yet. Her family was always there for her. They were loving,they were all she she could ask for and more. The same thing with her friends. She had nothing to complain about. They were perfect. But then why did they make her furious? They were innocent! Why did she have to direct her anger on them,of all people? Why not direct her anger to someone or something WORTH her rage? Why them? Why?...She didn't know why. She was a lost soul. She didn't live. Yes,she breathed,but she wasn't alive. Yes,her heart pumped,but she didn't hear it. Her veins ran with blood,but she didn't feel its living heat. She didn't feel anything. Only pain and sorrow..Mirth was repulsive to her. To hear someone laugh would cause more tears and more pain..To know someone in the world was happy and that she wasn't. And that she never would be.

She picked up a bright sunflower today. But there was no sun.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
New Year's Resolution..

Chi's New Year's Resolution 2005:

To Learn To Love Knowledge.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
tra la laaaa.....

i hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! I know *I* did!!! wooo...ahh..another new year coming up...exciting yet FRUSTRATING,ehh? lol..=/..<33chi.

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